Company SEK

SEK enterprise was established in 1997 in Kanižarica.
In its ten-year history the company has expanded its program to include packaging containers for cosmetics, hand creams, face and body creams, leather care creams, lids for glass jars, etc.

The high quality of our products, great flexibility and short response time, joint search for solutions and providing guidance for our customers are the guiding principles of the company.

Our goal is always to realize our customers’ ideas at the lowest start-up cost and we take pride in our ability to adjust the volume of our products to the needs of our customers, even when dealing with minimal volume such as in the case of promotional products.

High quality printing provided by our partners enhances the product value, their recognizability and boosts sales.

This makes our products also ideal for use for business gifts.

Together with our customers/partners we can develop special shapes and create the necessary tools as the need arises.

Our products sell in the EU, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia.

Every idea, suggestion and enquiry shall receive professional and quick attention.
When we say partner, we truly mean partner.